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Who do we support


All donations and revenue obtained from these events will be donated to one of the Sahaj Schools from around the world: Borotin, Cabella School or Devi School in Canada




Borotin is the sahaj kindergarten for kids from 4-6 years old and it is based in Czech Republic close to Brno. It currently runs on two terms of approx. 10 weeks each. Borotin has grown more and more over the years and it has improved continuously its standards of sahaj education and accommodation for our children. 

International Sahaj School


Cabella School was established by Shri Mataji in 2008 and it currently accepts children from the age of 6 to the age of 10. There are lots of ongoing projects that need our support in order to further develop and increase the size of the school. 

Square Stage

Devi School is based in Nova Scotia, Canada and it accepts children from the age of 10 to the age of 18. It is the newest Sahaj School but the one that has the most demand so it also needs more financial help to further develop its capacities to accommodate more sahaj students. 

Devi School.JPG
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